Self Portraits Part I

Now we move on to exploring ourselves, the contours of our faces, shading and shadows and bridging the gap between art and mathematics. We started by using former local artist, and ‘Artventure‘ inspiration, Ian Seymour-Wells’ drawing of an unknown woman and experimented with fractured self portrait techniques.

After the initial lesson, we moved on to practicing the same techniques on their own faces…

Oxfordshire Artweeks 2022

The ‘Artventures’ artists have been absolutely fantastic so far, producing some artwork far beyond their age groups. This hasn’t gone unnoticed in the wider community either – Oxfordshire Artweeks, an annual county-wide art exhibition displaying the most creative latest art and design, were more than happy to feature ‘Artventures‘ in their virtual exhibition.

Please feel free to check out the link below to see all the wonderful work the artists have created, and also enjoy the video of the artwork so far!

Final Project II

During our ‘covid catch-up’ classes for those who were unable to make some of the classes during the term, we finally completed all final projects. Please remember our youngest artist is 7 years old and our oldest is 11, I think you’ll join me in astonishment at how fantastic and brilliant their artwork is!

Next project? Watercolours! Lots of learning, painting and experimenting!

Spring Term 1 Project Completed

Our ‘Working with Acrylics’ experiment has come to an end. We used colours to make marks, to mix and blend and to feel how colours work together to create an image. Our use of many different brushes allowed us to explore and investigate how unique each of them are and how they work. We enjoyed studying the impressionist styles of Turner, Monet, Van Gogh and modern artists to help us understand that whatever our interpretation was… we can’t be wrong.


Our second project is now coming to an end. We have had a brilliant time with our watercolour Zentangles, being pleasantly surprised with how the paint reacts with the water to bleed and blend the colours before our eyes. Also enjoying the challenge of this weeks Seymour Scribble – sketching a shell using a continuous line, then trying again with the opposite hand. I’m sure you’ll agree our artists are excelling themselves!