Self Portraits Part I

Now we move on to exploring ourselves, the contours of our faces, shading and shadows and bridging the gap between art and mathematics. We started by using former local artist, and ‘Artventure‘ inspiration, Ian Seymour-Wells’ drawing of an unknown woman and experimented with fractured self portrait techniques. After the initial lesson, we moved on toContinue reading “Self Portraits Part I”

Oxfordshire Artweeks 2022

The ‘Artventures’ artists have been absolutely fantastic so far, producing some artwork far beyond their age groups. This hasn’t gone unnoticed in the wider community either – Oxfordshire Artweeks, an annual county-wide art exhibition displaying the most creative latest art and design, were more than happy to feature ‘Artventures‘ in their virtual exhibition. Please feelContinue reading “Oxfordshire Artweeks 2022”