Week 4

Another week of Ian Seymour-Wells inspired sketching – this time trying to accurately recreate what scrunched up paper looks like. No mean feat! We also have the much anticipated completion of our lino project. They look absolutely fantastic! They were so good even Monty was keen to see it for himself.

Looking forward to the next ‘colourful’ project…

And we’re off!

I think I speak for all when I say the first ever Artventure was as exciting, enjoyable and creative as we had hoped!
We used Lino cutting tools to make some lovely pieces, initially proving a challenge but all were a lot more confident by the end. The same can be said for our Trumpet sketches – getting the artists to explore different methods of drawing and exploring how hand dominance shows two sides to the same story! Continuous line drawing, left hand drawing and ‘back and forth’ drawing all provided their own obstacles but yielded some very impressive results. We also discovered the limitations in fine detail when using charcoal.
We are all very excited to continue on our Artventure and to starting the term project!